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“I think all 3 books are amazing, so useful for anyone to read to try and understand bereavement in different aged children and ways of supporting them. They show how each age reacts differently and understand what has happened in different ways. There are so many ideas of ways to support each child which is so important. In each story the children are involved right from the beginning and supported at their level. The characters are so well portrayed, all 3 made me cry at times. I think most people could learn more about what happens when someone dies, I certainly did.” LB

"Lorna has created three amazingly truthful stories about child bereavement. Written from each child’s perspective these books will not only give comfort and support to bereaved children but will also provide the people in their support networks expertly written guidance.

Well done Lorna, so many young people and their families will benefit from all your hard work and dedication." AG

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