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Lorna Vyse
Childhood Bereavement Specialist and Children's Author

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Available from 24th June 2024
Saying Goodbye to Nanny



I'm hoping that you are visiting my website as you are looking for ways to support a child or young person who has been bereaved. Thank you for the part that you will play in helping them to cope with their grief. I believe that my books could provide the confidence you need to make a difference to a bereaved child’s life. 


Grief is a natural response to a death.  We can’t take away the pain of a loss, but we can help children and young people understand what they are feeling and provide ideas for coping strategies for when life is tough. Each bereavement journey is very individual, and it can affect us at the most unexpected moments. We know that a significant loss can impact on us for the rest of our lives.  That’s why I am passionate about ensuring that children and young people receive the help and support they need.

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I have spent much of my working life supporting young people to achieve their full potential. For many years I have worked specifically with bereaved children and young people, listening to many stories about significant people in their lives who have died.  It was during those years that I identified my desire to write a collection of children’s bereavement support books, aimed at different ages, that would help normalise feelings of grief, reduce a child’s sense of isolation and importantly act as a resource for support.  Those books are now a reality and I hope you find them useful. 

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