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About the Books

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Book Collection:
These books are suitable for both families and professionals to support children and young people through their grief and help start the healing process.  

​The collection of three books is interlinked by the story of one death, providing children and young people with a sensitive yet realistic and honest account of what happens when a parent dies. Each book explores the story from that child’s perspective with narrated sections, hearing the child’s voice and relevant questions answered by their beloved Auntie V.  There are also accompanying illustrations to help prompt conversations.  

As a qualified Child Bereavement Specialist, I am passionate about supporting children and young people who have experienced the death of someone important in their lives. I have first-hand experience of seeing how children are often the forgotten mourners.  Their needs can frequently be overlooked as well-meaning adults may not know what information to share or how to hold conversations with them.  Adults try to protect children when someone dies.  They can often make decisions for children with the best of intentions, but sometimes with the result that a child may feel excluded from important decisions.  

Alongside the books, I have created some additional guidance for adults about supporting children through bereavement, related to the stories, which I hope will be helpful and thought provoking.  There are also tips and downloadable worksheets to use directly with children and young people. 

Books: Books
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